How to buy Refund Protect

If Refund Protect is available in the event, you can buy it during making order. Here's how to buy Refund Protect.
1. After you enter the event page, select the type and quantity of ticket and click or tap on "Buy Tickets", the system will take you to the checkout page. You have to fill in the information on the ticket. Then, you will see Refund Protect section. You can see how much the Refund Protect fee is. The fee is 7% of ticket price

2. Normally, the option is set as "No" as default setting. If you want to buy Refund Protect, please click or tap on "Yes (Recommended)". When you choose "Yes (Recommended)", the system will add additional refund protect fees to your order.

Remark: If you do not select one of these options (Yes or No), you will not be able to process to the next step.