How to make payment via K Plus

K Plus is a mobile-banking application provided by Kasikorn bank available on both iOS and Android. If you have a K Bank account that is linked with K Plus, you can make a payment for your orders via K Plus. Please remind that K Plus is available for only some events on Eventpop. If there is a K Plus logo on the event page as in the picture shown below, you can make a payment via K Plus.

How to make a payment via K Plus

You can make a payment by K Plus on website and application Eventpop by step below

Remark : Please review the order detail and total amount before proceeding with the payment

  1. After you selected the ticket type, filled in the info, reviewed the order summary, click on "Confirm". The system will take you to the payment page. Select "K Plus" and then click on "Confirm".
  2. Click on "Redirect to K Plus Application"
  3. The system will send a transaction to K Plus application. There will be a notification shown up. Then, click on "Next"
  4. Please review the details of the transaction. Then, click on "Pay".
  5. The system will automatically update the transaction within 15 minutes. After that, your order status will change to "Paid". You will get a confirmation email with an E-Ticket or an order confirmation. In case you haven't received the email, please check the E-Ticket or order confirmation in the menu My Wallet via Eventpop website and application.

If you make payment via Computer

After reviewing the order summary and selecting make payment with K Plus, please scan the QR Code with the camera. The system will automatically take you to the K Plus page to proceed with the payment.