How to request for refund with Refundable Tickets Service

In order to get a refund with the Refundable Tickets, you should fill in the form and attach the evidence required by the Refundable Tickets team. 

The Refundable Tickets team will examine all information from various evidences and make a decision

How to request for refund with the Refundable Tickets on website

1. Enter to "My Wallet" menu and click on the "Orders" sub-menu. Click on "View Order Detail" of the order you would like to get a refund.

2. If there is Refundable Tickets service provided for your order, there will be a Refundable Tickets section. Click on "here" as shown in the picture. 

3. System will take you to the refund application form. Fill in your order no. and click on "Find Booking".

4. Fill in the information as follows:

Personal Detail is the Buyer's information. (Buyer is the account owner not the ticket holder.)

  • Customer Name - This part will automatically filled
  • Type of Booking - Choose "Event"
  • Event name - Fill event name
  • Venue name - Fill place of event
  • Email Address - Fill in your update email
  • Confirm Email Address - Fill your update email again
  • Home Country - Choose "Thailand"
  • Contact number - Fill your mobile phone (If you use thai number start with +66) 
  • Address Line 1 - Fill your address
  • Address Line 2 - In case address line 1 is full
  • City - Fill your city
  • Zip Code - Fill your zip code

5. After filled in the personal detail. Then, Tap "Next" to fill in refund request information

Refund Request is the refund information

  • Number of Tickets to Refund - depends on your request
  • Total Refund Amount - Include other fees for this ticket
  • Refund Reason - You can choose the reason that the refundable accept only
  • Date of Incident - Date of the incident
  • Refund Explanation - Explain the situation ex. If you request refund because sickness you should explain type of sickness

6. Tap "Next" to fill in payment information

Payment Information is the part for Bank Account you want the money to be transferred

  • Bank Account Holder Name
  • Bank country 
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Number

7. When you finish filling in all information, please click on the checkbox  "I/We agreed to the attached Term and Conditions". Then, click on "Submit".

Refundable Tickets team will examine the document and inform the refund result to your e-mail address.

Reason for Refund 

Refundable Tickets service provide refunds if you cannot attend the event due to any of the reasons below and have provided the evidence requested.
1.  Illness / Injury (including Covid-19)
2. Pre-existing Medical Condition
3. Pregnancy Complication
4. Death of Immediate Family
5. Public Transport Failure
6. Flight disruption
7. Mechanical Breakdown
8. Adverse Weather
9. Home Emergency
10. Theft of Documents
11. Jury Service
12. Court Summons
13. Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall
14. Relocated for Work
15. Changes to Examination Dates

You can see the additional detail about the reasons that can be refunded and other documents requested through Refundable Tickets Service Policy