What is Refundable Tickets Service?

Refundable Tickets team is the administrator of the programme and underwrites the risk of our members’ customers who apply for a refund. The Refundable Tickets team also handles the refund applications and refund to customers directly. you can request a refund of the ticket with the Refundable Tickets team up to 100% of ticket price.

The Refundable Ticket Service is available in most of events on Eventpop. If the Refundable Tickets service is available in the event you're interested in, you can buy this programme during making order. Please note that this programme cannot be bought after your order is completed. This programme will provide protection for all tickets in the order after the order is completed.

The customer can claim the benefits with the Refundable Tickets team since the date of purchase until 60 days after event date. The customer must submit a request and attach evidence via the system to the Refundable Tickets team within the specific time for consideration. Please remind that the consideration and decision of Refundable Tickets team is final.

Remark: Refundable Tickets Service is an additional service between the customer and the Refundable Tickets team only. Eventpop and event organizer do not involve in this section. After the customer accepts the obligation, the customer will not be able to request the refund for the refundable tickets insurance fee in any circumstances even though you do not claim any benefits ( Except 14 days after bought this programme). Please note that cancelled or postponed event is not covered by the Refundable Tickets Service.

In case your order is paid via K Pay Plus, QR PromptPay, Bank Transfer and Bill Payment, you will need to pay for additional fee (THB 30) for Refundable Tickets service cancellation.