How to attend the event with E-Ticket/Physical Ticket/Wristband

After you bought a ticket and get a ticket, on the event day please show the documents as follows to pass the entrance:

1. Ticket You can get E-Ticket, Physical Ticket or Wristband to pass the entrance. The type of ticket depends on the organizer's decision.
  • E-Ticket - printed or shown on mobile phone 
  • Physical Ticket 
  • Wristband - Please keep your wristband safely. Don't cut or damage after wear it. If the organizer found it cut or damaged they have the right to not allow you pass the entrance.

2. Proof  of Identity - Show your actual ID card/Driving license/Passport (foreigner). (Proof of identity for the event depends on the organizer policy)
Remark : Do not post your E-Ticket on your social network since there may be malicious person using your ticket to attend the event or it can be forged to deceive the others.


Can I use photo of ID card/Driving license/Passport instead of the real one?
I changed my name or surname, and it doesn't match with the name on E-Ticket. What should I do?
I didn't bring my ID card/ Driving license/Passport. What should I do?
I lost my ID card/Passport. What should I do?