Problems and Question about how to fill in application form

Problems and Question about how to fill in application form

The system says that my ticket is not found after accepting ticket, what should I do?

If you receive an invitation email and click on "Accept Invitation" but the system shows the message "Ticket not found", this could be because the browser you open is not the one you log in to Eventpop with the account used to register the application. The system can't find your application and can't continue the transaction. We suggest you make sure that you log in to the website before accepting the invitation.

Or you can visit Eventpop website, check your application status at My Wallet in "Application" sub-menu and accept the invitation in your order list.

What will happen if I don't accept an invitation in time?

If you don't accept the invitation in time, your invitation will be expired. After that, if you want to accept the invitation, you should contact the organizer directly. It depends on the consideration of each organizer. 

Some organizers may extend the period of time for you to accept the invitation in case the ticket is not sold out. However, some of them may disqualify you when the time expires and choose other candidates instead.

The system says that "Tickets have been sold out or there is not enough ticket left for sale." What should I do?

This error will show up when the event organizer approves the application forms more than the available ticket quota in the system and all tickets are sold out. That's why you are not able to purchase or get tickets.

The application form approval and the ticket quota of that event depends on the rules and regulations of the event organizer. Please note that the decision of the event organizer is final. If you have any further inquiries regarding these, we suggest you to directly contact the organizer from the contact info on the event page.