Question and Problem on Delivery

I'm not able to receive parcel on delivery day. What should I do?

On delivery day, the delivery staff will call you before delivering your parcel. If you are not able to receive parcel at that time, you can request to postpone delivery within 7 days after the parcel has registered or you receive tracking number. If not, your parcel will be returned to the origin post.  

The parcel has been returned to the origin post. What should I do?

This could happen because you fill in wrong/unclear address or delivery staff cannot contact you within 7 days after your parcel is registered. Delivery staff will return your parcel to origin post. You can receive your ticket only at the event. On the event day, You can contact staff at ticket booth and show your order confirmation evidence in email or on website  together with your ID card/Driving license/Passport to receive ticket. 

I don't receive the physical ticket. Can I use other proof to enter the event?

According to the policy of the organizer, you are not allowed to enter the event without physical ticket. Other proof also cannot be used to enter the event in any case.