How to transfer ticket by picking up at event

How to transfer ticket to other people 

Transferring physical tickets or wristbands depends on the conditions of the organizer.

Physical ticket/Wristband with name on it

In case there is name specified on the physical ticket/wristband, it cannot be transferred to other people because the ticket has already been assigned to the ticket holder. If ticket holder cannot attend the event, please check the conditions of the event or directly contact the organizer. If the organizer allows you to request for refund, you will get money back. However, if your ticket cannot be refunded, the ticket will be invalid. 

Physical ticket/Wristband without name on it

In case there is no name specified on the physical ticket/wristband, you can give the ticket to someone else. He/She can attend the event  by showing physical ticket/wristband together with ID Card/Driving license/Passport (depending on the entry conditions of the organizer).

Remark : Entry conditions are various in according to the requirements of each event organizer. You can check the conditions on the website, event page or social media of the organizer.

How to sign the power of attorney document (In case the recipient is not the buyer)

Normally, if you choose to pick up tickets at the event, the recipient will be the ticket buyer as shown on the order confirmation. 

If buyer's name on the order confirmation does not match with the name on ID card or Passport of the recipient, the organizer may reserve the rights to reject receiving tickets due to the conditions of the organizer. Please check whether the preparing evidence is correct before receiving tickets.

Remark : You will receive all ticket of the order when you pick up tickets at the event. You are not able to pick up tickets separately or pick up only some of tickets of the order.

On the day of event, the recipient must show evidence to pick up tickets as follows:

1. Order Confirmation (printed or shown on mobile phone) 2. A printed copy of buyer's ID card/Passport with signing authorization  Please clearly write the name of pick-up person and write the statement as shown in the picture below. (Conditions depend on the organizer of the event) 

3. Real ID card/Passport of the Pick-up person  The name on ID card/Passport must match the name on a copy of the authorized letter.

Example of Order Confirmation that must be prepared on the day of event
Example of signing the power of attorney on a copy of ID card/Passport