How to use Promotional code

What is a Promotional code?

Promotional code is a discount code or access code generated by the organizer to use in the marketing campaign or provide to the sponsor. The quantity of codes, discounts and conditions depends on the organizer.

Where can I find the promotional code?

Normally, the organizers will post their campaigns and promotional codes on their social media e.g. Facebook, website and etc. We suggest you follow their social media to stay up-to-date and be able to get the code instantly.

How to use promotional code on website

1. You can enter the event page by entering to Eventpop and clicking on the event you are interested in or entering from the link posted on the organizer's social media. After entering to the event page, click on "View Tickets". The screen will automatically be scrolled down to the bottom.

- Using promotional code 

1. In case you get Access Code / Discount code from the organizers, please fill in the code in "Type in promotional code" box and click on "Apply".

2.  The system will check your code. If it's correct, the screen will show a discount as shown in this example. Then, choose amount and click on "Buy Tickets" to continue purchasing. 

- Getting discount from the promotion of Credit/Debit card

1. Normally, If you want to get discount from the promotion of Credit/Debit card, you should fill in your card information in the payment method section. The system will automatically check your card information. If your card is in promotion, it will show summary price with a discount like this picture.

If you fill in the Credit/Debit card information, but the system does not show the discount price as in the example. You can contact Customer Support by informing order number, first - last name, email and phone number that used to sign up along with first 6 digits of your Credit/Debit card to staff. The staff will check whether your card is one of the participated card types.

2. When the discount shows up, you can click on "Confirm" to make the payment.

- Using Access code to unlock ticket

1. If you receive an access code from the organizer, please scroll down to the ticket section and click on "Unlock".

2. Fill in your access code in the "Type in promotional code" box.

3. The screen will show the unlocked ticket. You can choose the quantity of tickets and make purchases.

If the code is incorrect, the screen will show the message "The code is not valid".

TIP: - There are two types of promotional codes; discount and access codes.  
       - For some events, after you use "BUY 1 GET 1" code, you have to buy one ticket per order.

How to use promotional code on Eventpop application

In case you have received the Access/Discount code from the organizer, you can enter the received code in the "Type In Promotional Code" box and tap on "Apply".

The system will check your code. If the code is correct, the screen will show a discount as shown in this example. Then, choose the amount of tickets and tap on "Buy Tickets" to make purchases.


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