Question and Problem on E-Ticket

There is no QR Code shown on my E-Ticket in My Wallet. What should I do?

In case you buy tickets for other person but there is no QR Code on the E-Ticket in My Wallet and cannot download the ticket, this means you have filled in the email registered for Eventpop account on the ticket. Therefore, the E-Ticket will be automatically transferred to his/her account automatically.

No QR code shown on the E-Ticket because the ticket is transferred to other account

No QR code shown on the E-Ticket because the ticket is transferred to other account

You can inform the person who owns the ticket to log in with the account registered with the email. Then, go to the My Wallet menu. Your friends will find the ticket. He/She can print or download it to show at event.

I want to edit the information on the E-Ticket. What should I do?

Normally, the organizer doesn't allow you to change the name of the ticket holder. However, if you want to do it, please contact Customer Support. The staff will check the condition of the event with the organizer

Editing the misspelled information such as name of ticket holder, email, mobile phone number, etc. after making order depends on the conditions of the organizer. Please contact Customer Support. The staff will check the condition of the event with the organizer.

I accidentally delete the E-Ticket email. What should I do?

If you accidentally delete the E-ticket email. Don't worry, you can check and download your E-Ticket on Eventpop website and application.

Downloading E-ticket on website

1. Visit Eventpop and click on My Wallet menu.

2. Go to the "Tickets" sub-menu, find the ticket of the event you want to check or download PDF file, and click on the ticket.

3. You will see all information of the E-Ticket. You can download E-Ticket by clicking on "Download Ticket".

4. You will receive the E-Ticket in a PDF file. Please print it out or download the E-Ticket to your mobile phone and show it to attend the event.

Downloading E-ticket on Eventpop application

You are not able to download your E-Ticket on Eventpop application. However, you can check and show E-Ticket on the application to attend the event. Here's how to check your E-Ticket.

1. Go to "Wallet" menu on Eventpop application

2.  You will see "Tickets" section. The system will separate tickets of each event. You can swipe up - down to see your tickets for all events. Then, tap on "View Tickets" to see your tickets.

3. Your E-Ticket will be displayed. If you have more than one tickets under the same event, you can tap on the numbers shown above to see other tickets. You can show this E-Ticket to attend the event.

How to check whether the ticket has been already transferred

Ticket transferrer can check the transferred ticket at My Wallet menu by clicking on the "Orders" and  selecting the order number.

You will find the ticket information. Click on the "Transfer Ticket" button and fill in the email you want to transfer ticket to. Then, click on "Transfer" again

You can check the status of the transferred ticket whether the recipient has already accepted it. If the ticket is received, the status will turn green and change to "Received"

How to cancel transferring E-Ticket 

If you change your mind and would like to cancel transferring ticket in any circumstances, you can do it on both Eventpop website and application by following these steps below.

How to cancel transferring ticket on website

You can cancel transferring ticket by visiting Eventpop website and signing in to your account. Then, go to My Wallet menu. You will see your orders. Click on the order of the transferred ticket. After that, click on the transferred ticket and click on "Revoke" to cancel ticket transferring. The transferring will be automatically cancelled. You can use the ticket normally or transfer to another one instead.

How to cancel transferring ticket on Eventpop application

You can open Eventpop application and go to "Wallet" menu. Then, tap on the ticket of the event you would like to cancel transferring.

Choose the ticket that has already been transferred. If you want to cancel, tap on "Cancel Transfer Request". The system will cancel the ticket transferring immediately.