Picking up ticket at the event

Normally, there are 2 types of physical tickets, as follows:

1. PVC Card is a PVC card with specified information depending on the conditions of organizer used for identifying attendee and enter the event. (Ticket holder's name might be printed on the PVC card in some events.)

2. Wristband is a wristband used for attending the event. There are many types of wristbands including wristband with NFC (for top-up money to spend in the event), a paper strap or plain fabric strap, etc. It depends on the requirements of each organizer.

You will receive PVC card or wristband by delivery or picking up at the event depending on the method you choose during making purchase. After you get it, please keep it well. 

In case of picking up tickets at the event, please check the terms and conditions of the evidence that must be used when receiving tickets from website or social media channels of the organizer. So, you can prepare documents before attending the event. 

After picking up physical tickets, please show your physical ticket with your proof of identity e.g. ID Card / Passport / Driving License to attend the event. (Please remind that the proof of identity that can be used depends on the organizer of the event.)


1. All types of physical ticket should not be lost, destroyed or eliminated, If there is no physical ticket, the organizer may reserve their rights not to let you enter the event.

2. Please wear the wristband only on the event day. Do not wear or pull the wristband before the event date because most of the wristbands can be worn only one time.

What is Order Confirmation and How to download it

Order confirmation is a document used for picking up ticket at the venue. It can be printed or shown on your device together with your ID card/Driving license/Passport. After you make a purchase and choose to receive ticket at the venue, the order confirmation will be sent to your email;. If not, you can download it at My Wallet menu on both Eventpop website and application by following the steps below.

Downloading Order Confirmation on website

1. Go to Eventpop, log in to your Eventpop account and choose your profile picture or "My Wallet" menu located on the top right corner of the page.

2. Choose "Orders"

3. Choose your order and click on "View Order Confirmation"

4. App will show order confirmation in PDF file, You can show it or download it to open next time.

Downloading Order Confirmation on Eventpop application

1. Open Eventpop application, log in to your account used to buy tickets, and tap on "Wallet" menu (Wallet icon) on the bottom of page. Then, 

2. Choose "To Pick Up".

3. You'll see your order with status "Waiting for Pick Up"

4. Tap on the order that you want to download the order confirmation. The QR Code used for picking up tickets will be shown up. You can show this QR Code on your mobile phone or you can save the document by tap on "View PDF

5. Tap on "View PDF" to see it in PDF file and download to your mobile phone or print it out. 

How to receive ticket at the event

Customers who choose to pick up tickets at the event, You'll get Order Confirmation and you can use it to receive ticket, equipment or goods 1 document/order. Receiver name should be same as proof of identity document. On the receive date, You should prepare document below

1. Order Confirmation (Printed/Shown on mobile devices)

2. ID card (Some event allow using /Driving license/Passport, depends on the organizer require)


Can other person pick up the tickets at the event?

Physical ticket/Wristband is damaged. What should I do?

Physical ticket/Wristband is lost. What should I do?