How to check Running no. of Standing tickets

If there are 2 types of tickets including Seating and Standing tickets in the event, you can check your running no of standing tickets at My Wallet menu on both website and email. 

- Running no. will be displayed on the Order Confirmation in according to the specified time in the event information. (It can be immediately displayed or x days after making purchase.) The time are various depending on each event.
- You can check your running no. after the status of your order changed to "Already Paid". 

How to check Running no. of Standing tickets on Website

1. Click on "My Wallet" menu or your profile picture on the top right of the page

2. Click on "Orders"

3. Click on "View Order Confirmation" button of the event you would like to check the running no.

4. Your Order Confirmation will display on the website in .pdf file. The running no. will display at the running no. as in the example below.  You can also check the running no. in the order confirmation attached in the email you receive after your order is completed.