Queuing before buying a ticket

What is Queuing?

Queuing is the system for the customer to queue before buying a ticket. It's often used for events that have a lot of interest to protect server and customers are able to make order smoothly. The queuing is limited to 1 account per 1 queue.

How to Get in Queue

1. Choose an event you're interested in

2. If you enter the event page before the sales time, the screen will show countdown timer.

3. If the sales starts, you can click on "Get in Queue" button. Your queue no. will display on the screen.

4. When it's your turn, please wait a moment for the system to automatically take you to the ticket sales page. After that, you will be able to buy tickets normally.


Once you receive your queue, the system will activate your queue with the user account. The queue number shown in the waiting line depends on many factors, such as the internet fast or the number of user that get in the queue at that moment. It's possible that one device may get the queue number that slower that other devices.



  • For the stability of getting in queue, we suggest you to use PC, or web browser on mobile site such as Google Chrome or Safari. We're not recommend you to use Eventpop application to get in queue.
  • You must sign in to the system before get in queue.
  • We suggest you open the queue page until it reach your queue. Once the "Yes, please" button appear in the webpage. You must press the button promptly so that you can make an order. Please don't turn off the screen, refresh or change the tab or else you will be canceled the queue.

  • Queue ID below the screen is just an ID used to collect your IP address and user. It doesn't affect any queue numbers.
  • We recommend using 1 account to get a queue / 1 device only since 1 account can be used to make purchase only 1 order at the same time. Using multiple accounts on the same device are highly not recommended. If the system detects abnormalities in your queue entry, it can lead to the cancellation of the queue and the potential loss of your opportunity to purchase tickets.
  • If it is your queue, you have 30 minutes in the queue. If you take more than 30 minutes in queue, your queue will be expired and you must make a new order.
  • 1 queue can purchase only 1 order. If you want to place more than 1 order, and the queue system is still active. You must get the new queue to make the new order.

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