Queuing before buying a ticket

What is Queuing?

Queuing is the system for the customer to queue before buying a ticket. It's often used for events that have a lot of interest to protect server and customers are able to make order smoothly. The queuing is limited to 1 user per 1 queue.

How to Get in Queue

1. Choose an event you're interested in

2. If you enter the event page before the sales time, the screen will show countdown timer.

3. If the sales starts, you can click on "Get in Queue" button. Your queue no. will display on the screen.

4. When it's your turn, please wait a moment for the system to automatically take you to the ticket sales page. After that, you will be able to buy tickets normally.


- We suggest you log in before get the

- We suggest you open the queue page until it is your queue and don't turn off the screen or close the page because you can be out of the queue.

- Queue ID below the screen is just an ID used to collect your IP address and user. It doesn't affect any queue numbers.

- We don't recommend you to be in queue by using 1 user on multiple devices or many users on the same device. The system will check information from many parts and your queue can be cancelled if the system found irregular activities.

- If it is your queue, you should make purchases within 15 minutes. If the time is up, your queue will be cancelled and you have to queue up again.

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