How to download and use E-Ticket

What is E-Ticket?

E-Ticket is an electronic ticket sent to your email. E-Ticket will also be shown in My Wallet menu after the order is completed.

The ticket will specify the first and last name of ticket holder / telephone number / email / day-time-venue / QR code to confirm your identity at the event. You can print it out or shown the E-Ticket on your mobile phone to confirm with the staff along with your ID card/Driving license/Passport (depending on the conditions of the organizer).

* Note: QR Code, Reference Code, Barcode on the ticket is considered confidential information. Please do not show this information in public or forward it to other people because they can use this information to impersonate to attend the event.

How to download E-Ticket

In case you don't receive the E-ticket in email, buy multiple tickets but don't receive any tickets, these can be caused by many reasons such as entering the wrong email or the email provider system marks our email as spam and block it. 

Sending tickets by email is another way to facilitate you to receive tickets. However, if you don't receive the ticket by email, You also can download the ticket from your device by following the steps below.

Downloading your E- ticket on website

1. Visit Eventpop website and log in to your account and go to "My Wallet" menu.

2. Select the order and click "View Order Detail".

3. Click "Download All Tickets (.pdf)". System will show E-ticket as PDF file (If the screen doesn't show anything, please check if your device is support PDF or not?)

Downloading your E-ticket on Eventpop application

You are not able to download your E-Ticket on Eventpop application. However, you can check and show E-Ticket on the application to attend the event. Here's how to check your E-Ticket.

1. Go to " Wallet" menu on Eventpop application

2.  You will see " Tickets" section. The system will separate tickets of each event. You can swipe up - down to see your tickets for all events. Then, tap on "View Tickets" to see your tickets.

3. Your E-Ticket will be displayed. If you have more than one tickets under the same event, you can tap on the numbers shown above to see other tickets. You can show this E-Ticket to attend the event.

Does the E-Ticket need to be printed?

You can show the E-Ticket as your convenience. By choosing to print, download the PDF file stored on the mobile phone or show the E-Ticket via email received after payment and can be confirmed with the staff together with the identity document at the event as well.


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